Tuesday, August 26, 2014

J. Brown + Draztic = S - Team

It’s another dreary morning in New York; I’m sitting in the office bored beyond belief sorting through the pile of new music on my desk, when I get a text.

A simple soliloquy but one that always makes me smile! It’s from FOB (friend of the blog) Chan; I sit up in anticipation of the conversation and what’s to occur, I am hoping for a mixtape update instead I get another jewel. One of the former powerhouse groups of the now defunct, Psylent Entertainment Street Symphony has released an EP and we are the first to get our hands on it.  

Peep more under the cut! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Face it, you’re all going to get fat by the end of the day! Just wanted to wish everyone a safe Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

@xiamchanx Spilled Ink ***EXCLUSIVE*** An Afternoon with Chan

It’s Saturday afternoon, I was headed to score an exclusive interview with RZA of Wu-Tang after 3 subway trips, a bus, and a swift run to the office I missed RZA by 20 minutes. However I lucked up on one of the industry’s unknown gems and one of my favorite underground female lyricists Chan.  
Sitting in an expansive conference room in Legend’s Studios New York offices waiting for an intern to deliver a cheese omelet and a large orange juice from the bodega up the block is a woman just shy of 5 feet dressed in a t-shirt and sweats, diligently writing in a notebook while Universal Music Group A&R play her beats for what could be a new mixtape; as a fan I am both excited and anxious to talk to quiet mystery known as Chan.

“I don’t know what to expect, honestly, I always fuck things up. Story of my life. How are you a fan of mine?” 

And that is how the interview began…

Sunday, September 9, 2012

@awkwardher Visual and Mental Creativity - Peep these videos

Have you ever danced alone through the thoughts of someone only to realize hey….those thoughts are just like mine?

I don't remember how I stumbled upon "@awkwardher" on twitter but I am so thankful the universe saw fit to allow me to experience her talent.


Although her professional video is amazing, filled with beautiful visuals and inspiring words...it is the video below that captured my attention, her vulnerability, her passion, her artistry. Take a listen and follow her on twitter.
Thank me later.


@Gabesingin - The future of Music starts now!

Some people say music inspires, but I'd like to think voices inspire as well; especially when their drenched in rich musical history. A history that spans from the bayou’s of New Orleans, Louisiana to the Southern fried feel of Atlanta,  Georgia - ladies and gentlemen meet Gabe Lustman a'la Gabe and he is musical inspiration. 


Gabe is not just a piece of music’s missing puzzle; he is a revolutionary, he provokes epiphanies in anyone who listens to his music. Perhaps it’s the excruciating honesty in his voice, which allows the listener to realize he isn’t afraid to air his true feelings or maybe it’s his sultry delivery and tone … whatever it is it awakens some of the those same truths  inside anyone who is listening and reminds us, “real music still exists.”

Thank you Gabe! 

Download his mixtape "The Memoirs,"  here

Check more pics, his bio,  and links to his music under the cut.